Perle About

Who we are

Two sisters, entrepreneurs, an agronomist and a geologist, both passionate about medicinal plants and not only. Ten years ago we decided to launch a cultivation of saffron, driven by its qualitative and on-market potential. Ambitious to expand our cultivation with other aromatic herbs we can now be proud of an assortment of various fragrances.

The farm lays in a setting of gentle slopes, south east of the Erei mountains, in the heart of Sicily. The attention to detail distinguishes our products with respect for tradition, a continuous pursuit of quality and a selected market.

The use of the biological method in the cultivation of our land and the traditional working methods make a perfect match that allows us to maintain the organoleptic characteristics of our products from seed to packaging.

Our Food Lines

Profumo di  our selection of aromatic herbs freshly picked during their natural harvesting season and dried by natural methods in order to maintain their colour and fragrance.

Armonia di Aromi, a selection of three aromatic mixtures for seasoning pasta, grilled meats, bruschette and fish.

Sciccherie Perle di Gusto is our selection of jams to accompany cheese, meat and fish, created for those who love those extra special gastronomic experiences.

Prelibatezze is our selection of pesto, side dishes and appetizing creams for those who can’t do without the richness of flavour of freshly picked seasonal fruits guaranteed by biological farming.